6 Months 6 Weeks Industrial Training

Our Courses


Become a SQL & data management expert.


You can choose one of our short term SQL courses as per your learning needs:

SQL Server (2016)

What you learn?

  • Basic architecture of SQL Server 2016
  • Write queries for single & multiple tables using Joins
  • Add, update or delete data using various SQL queries
  • Raise store procedures & built in functions
  • Database management with SQL (2016)

Duration2 months



What you learn?

  • Managing data using MySQL
  • Web application development using PHP
  • Design schemas based on MySQL
  • Use PHP5 & its advanced features to build applications
  • Understand how PHP, MySQL and Apache web server work together to deliver dynamic web content

Duration3 months


Undergraduates/ graduates/ working professionals/ engineers

Job opportunities:

On completing a SQL course, you can build a successful career as:

  • Database developer
  • PHP programmer