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The First Tag In Html




The Full Form of HTML is a hypertext markup language that is the structure and backbone of all web development and one of the most basic technologies used in front-end web development.


Html Documents are also called Web pages


The backbone of world Wide Web is made up of Html files, which are specially-formatted documents that can contain links, as well as images and other media


Html was created by Berners-Lee in late 1991 It’s a client-side programming language. In 2021, HTML5 allows sufficient management of the web application  and is the latest version of HTML programming


In HTML, Markup Commands (Tags) applied to your Web-Based Content. The first tag is defining your html document


For Example, If you want to Display a Section of a text in italic form, You Surround the Corresponding text with italic Markup Tag <i> and </i> as shown below


                                                                     <i> hello </i>


<html> is the initial/first tag which can be used in any HTML document which represents the starting of html document and the version of html that used in coding.











This <html> tag should always be the first tag in any HTML document. It contains all the other tags except <!DOCTYPE> tag) because this is not a tag, just a declaration to the browser and telling them that it’s an HTML document so that the browser recognizes it as an HTML document.

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