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Programming for Everybody – Getting Started with Python


Python - introduction

Python is a powerful, open-source high-level & popular programing language.  Used for web development, scientific & mathematical application development etc. Provides excellent library support and has a large developer community.  Provides easy integration with web services & GUI-based desktop applications. . Used by most of the companies such as YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest etc. and  extensively used in Data Science and in for developing Machine Learning projects

Benefits of Python

    • Easy-to-learn
    • Easy-to-read
    • Easy-to-maintain
    • A broad standard library
    • Interactive Mode
    • Portable
    • Extendable
    • Databases
    • GUI Programming
    • Scalable

Python Data Analytics Libraries

  • Data analytics is a collection of tools to analyze complex data sets to draw useful conclusions.
  • Popular Python Data Analysis Libraries


  1. open cv
  2. PyQT
  3. Pandas
  4. PyBrain
  5. StatsModels
  6. Matplotlib
  7. Pydot
  8. Bokeh
  9. Scikit-Learn
  10. Orange

Career Options

  • Software Engineer
  • Python Developer
  • Research Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Software Developer

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