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Difference Between Machine Learning Vs Data Science

What is Data Science

Data has become a mandatory part for all the industries and companies- a fusion of advances Data Science has been crowned as the most desired job of this and of the coming century. All the expansion and evolution within the field of computing have led us to the present field of Data Science.

It consists of underlying data operations, statistical models as well as mathematical analysis. The supermassive explosion and exponential increase of knowledge have created a chance for businesses to maximize.

Using this data, industries are ready to make careful decisions and implement useful business strategies. Data has become a very important part of today’s world and is present everywhere. Every day, our mobile phones, gadgets, social media, e-mails, messages generate quintillion bytes of data. It has become an important part of our life that is utilized in every sector.

A Data Scientist must be proficient in various underlying fields like statistics, math, and programming. In order to be proficient in Data Science, you want to be ready to understand various trends and patterns in data with the utilization of statistical.

Data Science poses a steep learning curve for beginners and so as to master it, you want to have the individual proficiency of its underlying fields. A data scientist is additionally required to possess versatility over both structured and unstructured data.

Data science has to go through different steps and these steps include extraction, data manipulation, visualization of data, implementing predictive models, and optimizing them for better performance and accuracy.

Why Data Science ?

  • Data science is a multidisciplinary blend of data inference, algorithm development and technology to order to solve analytically complex problems
  • It is all about using data in creative ways to generate business values
  • A Data Scientist does the exploratory analysis to discover insights from data, and uses various advanced machine learning algorithms to identify the occurrence of a particular event in the future
  • Therefore, Data science is primarily used to make decisions and predicitions

What is Machine Learning

Machine learning is that the scientific study of algorithms and statistical models that computer systems use to perform a particular task without using explicit instructions, counting on patterns and inference instead.”

Why Smart Pro Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning?

  • The Course will give learners a look at the booming field of artificial intelligence and show how artificial intelligence can help drive business value
  • The course covers basic concepts, terminologies, Scope and stages of Artificial Intelligence and their effect on real-world business processes.
  • Students will be able to define various supervised and unsupervised Artificial Intelligence algorithms, apply Machine Learning workflow to solve business problems and measure ROI Based on performance matrics.
  • Students will work with realtime data across multiple domains including e-commerce, automotive, social media and more.
  • Students will learn how to develop Machine Learning algorithms using concept of regression, time series and modelling and much more

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