Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Driverless cars, voice-powered personal assistants like Siri and Alexa to more underlying and fundamental technologies such as behavioural algorithms, suggestive searches etc., machines are slowly seeping their way into our lives affecting how we live, work and entertain ourselves.

AI works like a computer program that does smart work whereas ML is based on the simple concept of machines taking data and learning from them.

This course will provide you with job-oriented training in Python, MongoDB, R Studio, and more for a career in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.


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346 Hours



Aptech Ludhiana - Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Course


Delve into cutting-edge concepts, algorithms, and applications as you master the tools and techniques shaping the future of technology. Our hands-on approach ensures practical learning through real-world projects, empowering you to harness the full potential of AI and ML in your professional endeavors. Join us and unlock the secrets of intelligent systems that are revolutionizing industries worldwide.

The field of machine learning is booming and having the right skills and experience can help you get a path to a lucrative career. For students to become ready tomorrow, skills and knowledge of the fundamentals of AI and machine learning become necessary. For this, programs like –

  • Algorithms understanding
  • Implementation of algorithms in computer languages
  • Deep learning/ Machine learning models 

Who Can Join?

Information Technology is everywhere in our Surroundings – from building a spaceship to delivering Items at doorsteps.  Machine learning course brings a change in the IT department by making the services smarter and more automatic. This course offers the best learning for graduates and professionals looking to make a career in ML which is going to be the technology of the future.

  • The candidate who have passed class 10th and 12th in any stream
  • Junior Wings – Kids from age 6-16 can also join this course
  • Graduate and Post Graduate students
  • IT Professionals
  • Industrial Training Students

Career Opportunities

Top Reasons To Learn Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Here are some top reasons to learn Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning .

Expert Mentors

Our program is led by seasoned professionals in the field of PHP Web development who bring years of industry experience to the table to help you at every step.

Robust Training

Our curriculum is carefully designed to cover all essential aspects of PHP Web development, from frontend technologies to backend frameworks 

Practical Learning

We believe in learning by doing. That's why our program emphasizes hands-on projects that allow you to apply your newfound knowledge in real-world scenarios.

Career Support

We don't just teach you how to code .Our career support team provides services include resume building, interview preparation, and job placement assistance.

Aptech Learning Students are placed in some of the Best Companies

It is a unique portal with 24×7 support to give students an enhanced and interactive learning experience. With, Online Varasity Access, Collaborate, Interact, Learn and Practice from any device, any platform, any place, and at any time.

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