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Php Programming

PHP Programming

If a person wants to have a career as an IT consultant, it is very important that they choose a campus that is greatly recognized in the field. One of the best training centers, that offers some of the most advanced techniques of PHP and the latest updates and tools to become proficient and successful in the field of IT is Aptech Academy. The institute is known for its high-quality training and because of its quality training, it’s known as the best institute for PHP Training in Ludhiana.

Your enrollment in Aptech Education Ludhiana will ensure that you are in an advanced and reputable training center for PHP, not only that the instructors are trained to teach you the latest innovations on PHP/MYSQL and PHP. They will train you on the latest PHP installation techniques as well as train you to make connections within MySQL databases in a safe and simple manner. The lessons will cover Symfony, Zen Cart, Zend, Magento, Prado, Cakephp and other PHP frameworks. You will learn which of these components fits better and how where it can be properly used. This will prepare you for your next career working with the Internet and providing Internet services. Numbers of PHP Training centers in Ludhiana are not less but when it comes to quality Aptech Education Ludhiana provides the best PHP training in Ludhiana.

Experienced instructors are necessary for an institution to pass on advanced techniques to its students. It is important that when students need to learn PHP and other qualifications that are necessary for the field of Web Development. Instructors offer practice time and assistance with projects which is important in training for this field. An institution that is one of the best in the field should include different areas like strings, arrays, Template Engine, Web Application Performance, File Handling and others.



  • Comparing PHP with other Web Scripting Language or technology
  • Installation of PHP
  • Variables in PHP
  • Operators, Datatypes, Constants
  • Conditional Statements
  • Looping Statements
  • Arrays
  • Form Handlig
  • File Handling
  • Error Handling
  • Sessions
  • Cookies
  • Super Global Variables
  • File Upload and Download
  • PHP include
  • PHP Database Handling

  • Object Oriented Concepts
  • Classes, Objects and operations
  • Class attributes
  • Access Modifier
  • Constructor & Destructor
  • Inheritance
  • Implementing Interface
  • Static method
  • Type Hinting
  • Object Cloning
  • Abstract Class
  • Final Keyword
  • Magic Function with PHP

  • Implementing Captcha
  • PDF Generation
  • Excel or CSV Generation
  • Email with PHP
  • Implementing Pagination
  • Sql Injection
  • Web services with JSON
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Http Headers and Output Buffering
  • Error Tracking and Debugging
  • Exception Handling


Course Duration:

PHP is a course, depending on the specialisation chosen & the number of classes held per week. Classes are typically held 2 hours a day/ 3 days a week


Undergraduates/Graduates/Working professionals

Job Opportunities:

PHP Developer

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